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Luhan and Guan Xiaotong Once Again Spotted in Public... This Time at a Wedding at a Wedding Dress Shop
Luhan and Guan Xiaotong were spotted at a wedding dress shop in China.
On February 7th, Chinese media outlet ET Today reported that the celebrity couple visited a wedding dress shop in Shanghai on February 6th. Although both of stars remain quiet about marriage, fans speculate that their wedding plan is in progress. It's not the only "proof" that the two are preparing their marriage, Luhan has once been rumored to buy wedding ring. vintage inspired boho wedding wears
While majority believe that the couple is preparing for their marriage at the wedding dress shop, some fans claim that the actress went to the shop simply for her work, as filming crew was also seen around the area.
Do you think it's for their marriage or for Guan Xiaotong's drama/film?
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Wag Muna ngayun lu......
Stress Pa ako sa School Wag Muna ngayun bata kapa Naman eh! ? Baka ma depressed ako nito......Selfish na kung Selfish.....