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**Just 4 short years ago. Writing this tribute, "My Day in Seattle History" brings amazing memories. As I recall, Lynn Helberg-Jabs said it took all night to thaw out! So agreed, what a great day with Lisa Markman , & Stacia Whatley-Neuschwanger . Re-pete for 2018 "12th Women/Men Seahawks" **

4 Years Ago See Your Memories chevron-right Norma Rudametkin February 6, 2014 · Gig Harbor, WA ·

****MY DAY IN SEATTLE HISTORY ~ 2.5.2014****

It started early, at 4:15am, to get to Tacoma Dome Station for the SOUNDERS Train to King Station in Seattle. At ... 22 degrees, I wore 5- layers of clothing and once I saw the Century Link Field…..who cared! This day, “Super Bowl #48 Celebration Parade” was more than that ~ it wasn’t just about football; it was bigger and more powerful in many respects.

I watched as thousands, filled up the streets and who walked around with all kinds of SEAHAWK’s clothing knowing it was all about their ‘symbol of pride!’ Thousands stood in lines for several hours at the C-Link & Safeco fields for the rally & party that was planned for the “12th Man” of Seattle ~ yes…..cold was an understatement, but really, no one complained! We came prepared, but again this day was outside of ourselves ~ this city had experienced an amazing spirit that has never been a part of this region ever and many other areas will never experience!

I saw little babies to 80+ years young seniors dressed in all kinds of “SEAHAWKS” colors and with such a sense of delight. So many HAD NEVER even been in Century Link Field ~ so many had never even been in that part of downtown Seattle ~ so many had never taken the Sounder’s Train, been to King Street Station, walked thru the streets surrounding the 2 incredible fields we have our sports teams play at ~ so many will NEVER and have NEVER been to a football game ~ so many don’t even know the plays or what the penalties mean…..however, it didn’t matter! They were there because something happened in a “spirit that again, was bigger than we could have ever expected.”

Sitting at C-Link stadium for 4 hours before the team, the organization, coaches, owners and Seattle officials arrived …..I was awestruck at how much I love watching the SEAHAWKS play at C-Link and the numerous games I have been to and how proud I was to be there…I don’t know them, although I have met several players. They aren’t my friends, but I feel like I am part of who they are......

This 2013 football season was an incredible journey and I loved being a part of it, vicariously in every game that I watched with friends and loved ones! I always am bummed when they lose and sad to see this season end…….but, I’m praying and hoping that Mom’s & Dad’s will take time to spend with their children and play sports with them… the games together…..teach each other the plays… a part of this “12th Man Village Pride” and be a part of this history for Seattle & the PNW. It is a big deal whether you like football or not! Let’s keep it alive ~ the teams, coaches, fans and all those that endorse this sport, deserve it! I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to see it first hand ~ it’s a day I will never forget! short quinceanera dresses