purple evening dresses

Colourless Valentine

It all started like this:
We were very fond of each other,
Parading the rose garden with our hands tucked together, purple evening dresses
Smiling and staring at one another
Moving round with calculated motions
And discussing issues that makes us happy.

I had loved her for long:
Seeing her each day makes me healthier
I heartily find myself luckier
Knowing her has been an achievement
An achievement I cannot reject
Not even for a treat with a regent.

And then this day came:
The day I was expecting,
The day I will tell her my mind,
And express my deep feelings,
And speak out my emotions.
For long i had anticipated this date,
Meditating and studying my possible orate.

In the early hours of the day I had gone to get roses,
Colourful purple roses,
With smells like that of an hyacinthe
Moulded in the shape of love.

When it was time,
I motioned to the road to begin the journey.
Approching her compound I saw a crowd,
Crowd marmot and rowdy.
I was joyful because i was proud she would be happy.
Happy to see my moves publicly appraised.

As I moved closer,
I saw people dressed with a touch of black,
With lone faces,
And the expressions of mourners,
But I wondered who they were mourning,
But for the joy of the day I was not bothered.

When I got in I saw her sleeping
With a Long wrapper covering her.
I was joyous seeing her.
Her presence is pleasing
But I saw her mother shaking her head in sorrow,
Shouting "I told her not touch it",
But I was never concerned to ask.
I waited and waited but she never woke up
And afterwards the drama around me began to make sense.

My love is gone!
She never heard me speak my emotions,
My feelings deep within me could not be uttered.
What a day for me!
Sorrow overcame joy,
And left me bitter forever.

# Airmee