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A brief recollection of ideas defining the life and circumstances that prevailed during Kempe Gowdas times.
Source: Bengaluru Imaginations and Times, SAGE publications

Kempegowda Stated his career as one of the Chieftains in Krishnadeva Raya's war against Gangaraja of Srirangapatna. Having won the confidence of Krishnadeva Raya, he took over as Chief of Yelahanka from his father. He had to manage the political balance of power with the Vijayanagar King. He built a fortress town to protect the people and their assets from invaders. He chose a location spanning many Villages that was higher than the surroundings for surveillance. The rules of Vijayanagar forced him to build a mud fortress. So he built watch towers as an early warning system. He borrowed the name of Bengaluru from a village near Kodigehalli south of Yelahanka. mother of the groom and bride evening wears