modest evening dresses

"Event Cancelled"--seems like we hear that all too often these days. Ladies and gents, here's one event that is still alive and well--but only through support from great folks like you! The Olde South Ball is NOT cancelled! Support our great hobby by joining us in Spartanburg, SC on August 18th for a delightful 1860s-themed gala! Only two weeks left to register! Register at

At the Olde South Ball you'll enjoy a delicious four-course meal (homemade cake for dessert, including a dairy-free gluten-free option!), an evening of Victorian dancing under experienced and easy-to-follow dance callers, free formal photography, shopping opportunities at the silent auction and the Olde South Bazaar, and the fun of seeing a display of original garments, jewelry, and accessories from 1860s! modest evening dresses

Don't know how to dance? No worries! We teach all the dances at the ball, plus there is a free dance practice earlier in the day. Our dance callers are clear and easy to follow. Beginning dancers are welcome.

Not sure what to wear? 1860s period military, 1860s period civilian, or modest modern formalwear (tuxes, suits, or modern military uniforms for gents, prom-level evening dresses for ladies) are all welcomed.

Don't have a partner? Come anyway! Our crowd is very friendly and you'll have fun! Plus, we offer a single gent discount to help balance the number of ladies and gents. Ladies are also welcome to dance with other ladies if a particular dance is short of gents--there is no I-don't-have-a-date stigma attached. We just have fun!

Join us for a lovely time ! Register now at !