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Episode 2
We drove towards my brother’s school. Infact it wasn’t all that long. We reached the entrance within 45 minute drive, there was a huge billboard outside the entrance and the school’s name and some other information was displayed nicely on it.
The security man came out to have a little chat with my brother, though i did not hear what they were talking about but i guess he was trying to know who was coming and the reason behind. Within 2 minutes gist with my brother, he went back and opened the gate wide for us which we entered.
The school was a very nice school, very nice environment, huge and magnificent buildings all over. He asked of the administration block from a passer by which i could tell he was a student in the school because of his dressing code. He was wearing this check check top and khaki down. He thanked him after a little talk and sped off to the administration block.
They alighted from the car, i refused to get out from the car because there was a lot of people infront of the administration block and i did not like the way they were all looking at us.
They greeted the people outside there and went inside. I was in the car alone and was taking proper look at the school, the school was very nice but onething i did not like about the school is that it was a single-s-x school.
After 40 minute time i saw them coming out from the administration block with a certain man which i later realised he was the senior house master. We drove back to the dorm side and he later joined us there with another man. He called Jack.
S. H. Master: Jack.
Jack: yes sir.
S. H. Master: this is your house master. His name is Mr. Nti, he will check your items and later take you inside and show you your bed ok.
Jack: yes Sir, thank you sir.
S. H. Master: you are welcome.
He went back to the school and left us with Mr. Nti.
He then asked my brother to open his trunk and chopbox, he checked all the things inside and later said is ok.
He then asked our Senior brother to pay some dues which he did, they exchaged contacts. He later said we can go. Just as we were returning to the car he called Jack and told him that it is classes hourst so after school, he should see him so that he shows him his room and bed and he responded.
We said bye to Jack and entered the car. From the look on Jacks face, you need no soothsayer to tell you that he was confused and worried.
We drove out from the school compound and got into the main street heading towards my school.
We had a lot of chat, my brother talked about life in the boarding house and later talked about life in the University and the difference was clearly wide and that even gingered me and i vowed to also go to univesity too and said that’s why i need not to waste my time on the little freedom in the school, i should be serious with my books and avoid bad friends for there is more freedom and enjoyment in the university. mid length dresses formal
We drove passed towns to towns which i took a little view of them.
After 5 hours, we reached a certain junction which we saw a huge billboard with my school’s name written boldly on top “GREAT FAMILY SECONDARY/TECHNICAL SCHOOL”
(FASTECH) in short and some other information displayed below it. There was an arrow on the billboad directing us to pass the right way which he did and about 5 minute drive, we reached the entrance.
The security man asked some questions about us and later opened the gate for us to enter. He told us to go straight and we will get to the administration block.
Just us we were about to reach the administration block, i had a call, i brought out my phone from my pocket, looked at the screen it was a friend of mine called Fred and just as i was about to pick the call my brother shouted at me.
Bro. Joe: hey!! Jake. come on, give me the phone.
***I handed it over to him.***
Bro. Joe: didn’t dady told you that phones are unprescribed and for that is not allowed to be used in High schools?
***i was just silent***.
Finally we reached the administration block and there was a lot of people infront of the administration block, even more than that of Jack’s and the worst part of it is that this time it was not only boys and parents but a lot of girls too. Pretty girls ofcourse.
I had no option than to get down and follow my brother. They were all staring at us which i hated so much.
Just as we were about to reach the entrance of the administration block, some girls came out from the block and i could say they are seniors in the school because they were wearing the school uniform and was looking so confident.
They walked passed us and one of the girls said “aba fresh” chai are this girls refering to me?, my brother turned to me, smiled and asked.
Bro Joe: did you hear that?
Me: what?
Bro. Joe: what the girls said.
Me: yeah.
We entered inside and we were directed to a certain office.
My brother knocked on the door and we heard a female voice that asked us to come in. We went inside and my brother shouted on seeing the lady in the office.
Bro. Joe: Eii Ama!!
Lady: Hi Brother Joe.
Bro. Joe: do you work here?
Lady: yes o.
Bro. Joe: for how long now?
Lady: oh more than a year now.
Bro. Joe: ok nice to meet you again
Lady: Nice to meet you too.
I was left alone wondering of my own thought as they continued with their chat. I think they have even forgotten that they met again because of me. After some more chat, the lady turned to me and asked.
Lady: is that your younger brother?
Bro. Joe: yeah and he has gained admission here.
Lady: ok, nice. i will monitor his movement in the school then.
She then asked for my two passport pictures which i handed it over to her, she gave my brother some forms and asked him to help me fill it and we did.
She stamped on them, opened a drawer and added it to some other filled forms already there. They exchanged contacts, the lady then asked me to see her later which i noded.
She came out with us and directed us to another office to go and submit the bankers draft and we did.
After we came out from the office, a man took us to the Senior House father.
He asked of my name and i told him my full name.
He then took me to the dorm site.
S. H. Master: Jake.
Me: yes sir.
S. H. Master: this man you are seeing here is your house father, his name is Mr. Akoto.
Me: ok sir, thank you sir.
S. H. Master: you are welcome. See you later.
Me: ok sir.
***He left.***
Mr. Akoto: How are you Jake?
Me: am fine sir.
Mr. Akoto: thank God.
My brother paid the neceassry dues and he checked my things and everything was intacked, he asked one boy to call him the dorm prefect which he came.
Mr. Akoto asked him to take my things inside and find me a bed. The Dorm Prefect then asked some boys to carry my trunk and chopbox and asked me to follow him.
I said bye to my brother and followed him inside.
We entered the main dorm and there was a lot of beds there.
Many were lying on their bed which i later knew they were having their siesta time. He went around and came back and said the beds are all full so i need to join the seniors in the cubicle. It was my first time of hearing that word. Meaning a small room inside a main dorm is called cubicle? I asked myself.
Just as he said that, i heard some student on top of their bed murmuring, “akoa wei awu”.
Meaning this guy is dead.
Who? Are they referring to me?
He knocked the door and a voice responded ” come in” the voice was so heavy that i begun to ask myself that what kind of food does that man eats that can make his voice so heavy.
The Dorm Prefect entered and asked the boys to bring my things.
Just as i was about to enter i saw a certain inscription on top of the door that shocked me.
Chaii!! Am dead indeed.
Watchout for episode 3.