mahogany bridesmaid dresses

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I need some piece of advice because i'm totally loosing it here!
Members of Igboist help me out on this very issue because since yesterday I haven't been able to regain my appetite. Here's my story...
I returned from Sunderland, England on 27th Dec 2017 and I had with me an Engagement ring that I want to surprise my girlfriend with, though she wasn't aware of my plans to tie the knot with her before travelling back to my base. But We've been dating for years and that made me confident that she will accept my ring, and God being so kind, I was lucky she did accept to marry me.
The plans kicked off, preparations started because our plan was for our traditional and white wedding to hold on 2nd and 3rd of March respectively.
Bride price been paid and some other traditional rites settled too, Invitation cards been printed and sent to friends in England and other countries and they promise to be there for me before the date and some of my friends that came back for Christmas decided to wait for my occasion before travelling back.
I've been running around, paying the payables and everything almost set.
Just yesterday around 3:25PM, I was with my parents discussing about how preparations are going when my phone rang, it was a friend of mine I had told about my marriage and introduced my fiancee to, he told me over phone that he needs to see me urgently that it's an emergency, I just moved aside to receive the call to avoid either of my parents asking what's wrong. I kept wondering what it could be since he refused saying it over the phone, I excused myself from my parents and drove down to where he is. When I got there, he outrightly told me that he saw my fiancee walk into the hotel hand in hand with another man, thinking he was joking and trying to pull a fast on me, I laughed and asked if that was the reason he practically dragged me out of my house? Oh God, help me not to break this Guy's face. But, I confidently said "No man, my fiancée isn't the Lady you just saw. she's not that type. I told him to please stop that kind of joke because my woman can't try such because I know who she is, what she can and can't do right from time. He dragged me to the reception after much argument. mahogany bridesmaid dresses
We met the receptionist, I said excuse me please, would you be kind enough to tell me the room number of the gentleman who came in few minutes ago with a lady wearing a yellow dress? She insisted it's against their ethics, I just had to open up a bit and explain to her, she was kind of moved and told us the room number is " 203" second floor. I left my friend there, went upstairs knocked on the door, someone ask who is that? I replied "its room service" the man opened the door, Lo and behold my fiancée with a white towel tied round her chest, our eyes met, I shut back the door and left the hotel immediately... Since I came back home I've been thinking a lot, I don't know what to do anymore, the occasion is 3weeks away.
Should I forgive her and continue with the Traditional and white wedding or should I just call it off ?
The worst part of it is, I don't know how to face my mom and Dad about it.....Please I need your advice.