lace ball gown wedding dress

A few years back one night something really funny happened to me at a restaurant. I was in the ladies room and this young woman looked at my coat and said "What is your name?" I told her and she said, "Couldn't you find a B to go with the M button?"
I kinda laughed and told her this was a Bob Mackie jacket and Bob Mackie often had his initial on the buttons on his clothing. Then she ask who Bob Mackie was and I told her he was a famous designer who had done "red carpet" designs for many famous people including Cher. He even designed a dress for Barbie, the doll. lace ball gown wedding dress
Then she ask who was "Cher." I said "Cher of Sonny and Cher-a musical entertainer couple."
"Never heard of them," she said as she went out the door.
For the first time in my life I realized that in most cases the most famous entertainers and couture designers will be unknown to future generations of people.

When this life is long past, only what we do for God will last.