evening wears in short style

She was crushed

After failing the oral test

At one of London’s most prestigious Investment Banks evening wears in short style

There were 8 candidates and one position

She was referred to me to mentoring

In our first meet up she confessed:

I have been to LSE, read books, watched videos

The problem. I lack confidence, direction and vision.

The odds were against her

And she had lost hope

Yet I asked her do the opposite

Write to the bank asking for interview

She followed directions and spent next few weeks:

- Visualizing interview success

- Researching the bank

- Buying her new dress

In short, she visualized the role was hers

She admitted feeling uncomfortable

I reminded her, other people doing this were

Olympic gold medalists, actors and even scientists

I did not hear back for two weeks

Her next email only had an attachment

It was her conditional offer letter

She was given a second chance at written test

They loved her:

- People Skills

- Her Charisma

- Her Confidence

- Even her new dress

They said she stood out.

She passed the test and joined the bank

Today S.H. works in Wall Street

Last year she crossed the seven figure mark

If you are here and would like to be there

Ask yourself:

Am I creating my life or letting life happen to me?

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