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Episode 2
If I tell this girl the truth, I will be free, but will she forgive me? She can’t now? Or I dressed up and eat and went to church on Sunday, on Monday I went to work, I’m at work when Ronke called me to inform me she’s on her way, after some minute she came
Ronke: baba baby
Me: sit now, you no kuku get respect for me again
She sit
Ronke: before nko, which kind bro dey knack his sister,
Me: iwo lomoo
Ronke: Daniel, I need money and your advice
Me: what’s that
Ronke: my bf said he want us to marry, but you know I’m in school, my mum supports it, but I still need more time as a youth, I need to enjoy myself o,
Me: enjoyment, but you are in 400 level now, your final year, (she node her head) what’s there, what enjoyment are you talking about, tell me the truth
Ronke: Daniel, I love him o, and I don’t have any serious guy aside from him, but like quickie won’t be there again, for example like you now, no chance again,
Me: you are not serious, I understand the fact that you are still a youth, and you need more time, but this quickie stuf, you better go and stop it, me can still be doing it na,
Ronke: see him, fighting for himself,
Me: no na, well, tell him to give you more time, maybe after your service
Ronke: Daniel, you are getting lean o, what are you thinking, is your wife troubling you?
Me: (sigh) nothing now, I’m okay
My phone rang, it was from Cynthia
Me: yes
Cynthia: hello Daniel, please where are you
Me: at work now,
Cynthia: Daniel please my baby fell down, and he has loose some blood, please come
Me: haha, I’m I the Doctor?
Cynthia: don’t be heartless Daniel, please don’t let our baby die, please Daniel, he is all I have, please I will send the address to you.
I ended the call and placed my head on the table” Cynthia never brought any good to me than sadness”
Ronke: Daniel whats wrong?
Me: Cynthia ni jare, her baby fell
Ronke: haa, let’s go now,
“See this one too” I picked my key and drove to the hospital, I saw her at the reception, she rushed to me
Cynthia: Daniel thank you, Ronke how are you
She dragged me to the Doctor’s office, I was trying to release her hand from my cloth, but she didn’t release it until we got to the doctor’s office
Doctor: Mr Daniel abi
Me: yes,
Doctor: please we will need blood, not much o, cus Cynthia’s son fell and he has loose some blood, so we need to act fast
Me: so that’s what you can’t tell me on phone, (face the Doctor) boss, can’t you see I’m getting lean? If you now take blood from me again, how many blood will remain for my body?
Doctor: haha, just small ni now
Me: no problem sha
I went to see the boy, he is asleep, I went to sleep on bed, beside him, Ronke came in,
Ronke: Daniel before you sleep, what about the money we talked about,
Me: (smile) see this girl se I won die ni, bring your account num, you will see 200k in the evening
Ronke: thanks dear
Cynthia was looking at us, Ronke left, Cynthia didn’t talk, cus of the problem she had, I slept on the bed and the processing start, after some minute, I was done , i kissed him on his forehead, and I kissed Cynthia also, she smiled, holding me, water drop on her check, I walked out of the hospital. consignment formal dresses
The hospital is very far to the city, I couldn’t go back to work again, cus time don go, so I drive home straight. On getting home, I met Mrs Rose and Daniella watching film, I greeted them, I was about going upstairs
Daniella: Daniel where are you coming from? I went to your office, I didn’t meet you, your secretary said you went out with a lady, who is the girl?