cocktail dresses for tall ladies

Royal carriage ..doing a two mile journey on the day of the wedding. Sweep the homeless away for the cameras. I would love to organise this two mile journey let the world see the real London. They would see homeless out in zero degrees, we would drive past all the bookmakers an cash converters an chicken shops. Through crackheads an smackheads an drunks..stop at the lights.oh look the job centre with no staff. Just computers an a security guard..oh look Megan there's a man wanking on spice.while his mates chatting to a tree. Go past all the closed down pubs. Into an estate were kids are smoking skunk an other silly named weeds . Two moped riders rip a phone out of a single mothers hand an zoom past..while a kid is getting stabbed over a postcode outside McDonalds oh look Megan is it 1997 them youth are dressed like spice girls drinking night nurse while getting cussed about there hairline from kids eating nandos. Granny's walking a mile to a post office cos they been closed. Past the food bank were working people go cos they can't make ends meet so pick up custard powder an pasta...fuck two smack rats run infront of the horse with stolen a joint of pork from tesco. Ending outside a burned out skyscraper were children an old people burned to death at there windows grenfell ....that's real ..fucking horse an pumpkin carriage glass slippers gtfoh rubbing it in people's fucking for your own fucking wedding. cocktail dresses for tall ladies