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COSBY-2018 ME AND MY BFF DONALD PEEBLES ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE SHOW JUST FACEBOOK FICTION. Sondra, Brandon and Amanda was happy that the custody hearing was over. Not only was they happy that the judge ruled in their favor, they were also happy to start new chapters in their lives with their son Lil' Ade, who was happy that he was going to spend his 1st Christmas with his father, who was happy that he had a son that he could raise. Something that he's been wanting to do for years. The trial made Brandon and Amanda's friendship grow stronger. She was happy to know that her son would be in great hands when it came time for her to depart earth and she was glad to call Sondra a friend and a sister she always wanted. 2 days after the trial, Amanda returned to the hospital for her cancer treatment, and she spent Christmas at home resting with Lija, who helped her feel comfortable while Lil' Ade spent Christmas with Brandon, Sondra, Winnie, Nelson, Reynaldo and Selwyn, who had no problems making him feel special. Brandon and Sondra brought him a playstation, video games, jeans, t-shirts, timberlands and uptowns, while Winnie and Nelson brought him some sweat suits and hats from Hillman along with some video games and socks. Denise, Martin, Olivia and Russ brought him some Black History Books, dress shirts, a digital camera and dress shoes. Theo and Damarius brought him a winter coat, gloves, jeans, several note books and teenage fiction novels. They also gave him 50 dollars a piece. Vanessa gave him a 200 dollar Adidas gift card while she and P.B.F. brought him a stereo with a turntable, double cassette player and 3 CD changer. P.B.F. also gave him autographed copies of his current CD "What's Up With This?" as well as autographed CD's by Kurt Blue, Tisha an Fly Mommy. He also gave him 300 dollars. Rudy and Kenny brought him some jeans, V-neck T-shirts and several pairs of sweat socks. Pam and Kwame brought him several pairs of Kangols, a dress coat, gloves, scarfs and the Supremes' "Let Yourself Go" boxed set and the special Edition of "A Go-Go" along with The Marvelettes' albums boxed set. Jason and Ruth-Ann brought him a pair of timberlands, mountain gear construction boots and tickets to see The Brooklyn Nets. Selwyn gave him a dvd player, copy of Maysa's current cd and tickets for her concert. He also gave him 30 dollars. Cliff, Clair, Carrie, Susan, her husband, Gi-Gi, Dominic, Mary and Duke chipped in to purchase Lil' Ade a bedroom set which consisted of a bunk bed, 3 dressers, a desk, a chair, a mirror, several sets of linen, pajamas and a robes. Keisha gave him 200 hundred dollars and 3 vests. Keith and Robin brought him some dress slacks, dress shirts and in addition to giving him 100 dollars, they also gave him an autographed copy of Bobby Brown's memoirs "Every Little Step." Sakinah and Malachi gave him a pair of weights, several pairs of Adidas and Fila sweat suits and some shits from their friend who has his own clothing line. Aaliyah gave him 50 dollars and all seasons of "The Game" on DVD. Nehemiah gave him The Faith Evans and Biggie Smalls CD "The King and I" and Jay-Z's 40/40 CD. Janet gave him 50 dollars and copies of "Stomp The Yard" "Drumline" and "Glitter" on dvd. Millie gave him 100 dollars and an autographed photo of Janet Jackson. Suzy-Q gave him 100 dollars, a wallet and several pairs of jeans and dress shirts. Marla gave him $100 dollars, a calendar, an alarm clock, a watch and a photo album that contained photographs of the family. Nikki gave him a 30 Target gift card. Amanda got hooked up lovely as well. Cliff, Clair, Pam, Sondra and Brandon was able to get a hospital bed installed in her apartment while Denise, Theo, Damarius, Martin, Sakinah and Robin gave her some fancy comfortable linen, pillows, robes, slippers and sandals. Millie, Mary, Marla and Suzy gave her some books, dvds, and a total of 3000 dollars. Mary, Duke and Kwame gave her some fancy shower gels and bubble bath from bath and body works along with lotion from Kwane's friend's fragrance company. Jason and Ruth-Ann gave her 300 dollars for spending money and a copy of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation concert they found online. Gi-Gi and Dominic hired an overnight nurse to look after her while Dominic arrange for one of Amanda's favorite models to visit her support group to lift her spirits as well as hired a personal chef to cook for her, her nurses and home attendant, who was grateful for his kindness. Plus Amanda and Lil' Ade spoke on the phone and she went to sleep knowing that both she and her son was loved. Lil' Ade was also excited to know that he was going to be a part of his father's wedding and that she was invited. Amanda was moved to tears by the news. SONDRA-Amanda you're family and it wouldn't be right to see Lija, Georgia, L.B., Bilal and Quincy there without you. cheap vintage wedding dresses
AMANDA-Sondra. You're really an Angel and when I go to Heaven I will make sure that you will enter without any problems.
SONDRA-I'll make a note of it.
AMANDA-You're something else.