bridesmaid items in green color

7:37 am
Just A THREE Minutes Hair Curling and Quick Shower -----
My Social Security Check and Insurances, Credit Card Statements, Book Signing Offers, Other Important Mail are on hold because I am Sexually Harassed and Threatened Each Day Because of My Outstanding Fine QUALITIES AND GOOD CHARACTER AND ANOINTED POTENTIAL. I had blue dress like this switched to this black dress...and still have a red one...And I am under attack because this Look that caused two cars to pull over ....turning heads...stunning...And I do not participate in Holiday activities and my birthday plans trashed...Post Master gave my check to my sister on my 49 th birthday at 4:09 pm 1/9/18 and so the trashing continues and I will not be participating Valentine's Day 2/14/18....a Live Play I would have enjoyed with my favorite chocolate bar and even simple meal..even car rental was my option.still from those that trashed my possessions and remove them. AND THIS IS WEIGHT LOSS OF 50 POUNDS from being assaulted in hospital because of them harming my mother 11/99 when I weighed only 143 pounds at the most--and the law has not shown concern. Am I to sell myself to eat today or to have housing--a female got out of her car...second car with tinted windows pulled up behind her..Sign, Sylvia Tucker, 488 South Poplar Avenue, Kankakee, Illinois 60901 phone:815/936/0752 bridesmaid items in green color