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الاجزاء الرئيسيه للـ paragraphs .. البوست الاول
The Topic Sentence

1️⃣ ️- مقدمه
فى 3 اجزاء رئيسيه لازم تكون موجوده فى اى paragraph:
1- topic sentence
2- supporting ideas
3- concluding sentence

ايه المقصود بالكلام ده؟
1- ال topic sentence وظيفتها التعريف بالموضوع الى بيناقشه ال paragraph
2- ال supporting sentences هى تفاصيل الموضوع
3- ال concluding sentence بتلخص النقاط الاساسيه للـ paragraph

اقرا الفقره دى وحاول تحدد الاجزاء الثلاثه:

A Hawaiian Wedding
1 The mix of culture is in Hawaii makes weddings there very special occasions. 2 Certainly, Hawaiian clothing, music, and other Hawaiian customs play a big role. 3 For example, the bride often wears a long white holoku (wed ding dress), and the groom wears a long-sleeved white shirt and pants with a red sash around his waist. 4 Both the bride and the groom wear /eyes .5 The bride's lei is traditionally made of white flowers such as pikake (jasmine), and the groom’s is made of green maile leaves. 6 Another Hawaiian custom is the blowing of a conch shell three times to begin the ceremony. 7 Hawaiian music is played both during the ceremony and during the luau afterward. DressAfford wedding apparels specially for women over 40
8 other customs included in the festivities depend on the ethnic backgrounds of the couple. 9 For instance, there may be noisy firecrackers, a Chinese way of keeping bad spirits away. 10 There may be a display of Japanese origami, 5 or there may be a pandango, a Filipino custom. 11 During a pandango, the wedding guests tape money together and wrap it around the couple during their first dance together as husband and wife.12 AII in all, a Hawaiian wedding is truly a magical, multicultural event.


1- topic sentence – sentence 1
2- supporting sentences – from 2 to 11
3- concluding sentence – sentence 12

2️⃣ ️- يعنى ايه topic sentence؟

هى اهم جمله فى ال paragraph. وبتتكون من جزئين
1- topic
2- controlling idea

Some marriages are a union of two families.
topic: some marriages
Controlling ideal are a union of two families

المقصود ان ال topic هو الموضوع الرئيسى لل paragraph وفى الجمله دى هو الزواج . .طبعا ده موضوع كبير ان يتكتب فيه paragraph واحد فهنا هيكون تركيز الفقره عن انه توحيد لاسرتين ..

ال controlling idea ممكن تكون اى فكره تانيه متعلقه بالموضوع الرئيسى وهو الزواج .. ولو غيرناها فكره ال paragraph هتتغير تماما.

ممكن تكون مثلا:
Some marriages are a union of two individuals.
Some weddings are very elaborate.
Some weddings are very simple.

3️⃣ ️- شرط اساسى فى كتايه ال topic sentence ان الفكره الى بتقدمها لا تكون too general ولا too specific


فى المثال ده Marriage is an event in a person's life. الفكره عامه جدا .. مفيش موضوع معين نتوقع ان الفقره تناقشه .. هنا بيقول بس انه حدث مهم

لكن الجمله دى العكس تماما
The average age for people in the United States to marry in the year 2000 was 25 for a woman and 27 for a man.
الفكره الى بتقدمها محدوده جدا .. تطوير الفكره دى صعب .. او ممكن نقول انها ممكن تبقى جمله من ال supporting sentences

لكن دى جمله كويسه
The average age for people in the United States to marry has changed in the past 100 years.
دى جمله بتدينا فكره رئيسيه عن موضوع الفقره بدون اى تفاصيل .. تقدر هنا تطور الفكره من خلال الـ supporting sentences

4️⃣ ️- طيب ازاى اكتب topic sentence صحيحه؟ عن طريق ال listing technique .. يعنى ايه؟

تخيل انك هتكتب عن موضوع ‘friends’ طبعا الموضوع عام جدا ..
لو عايز احدد الموضوع الى اكتب فيه:

1- اعمل brainstorming للكلمات الى ليها علاقه بالموضوع
kinds of friends
new friends
old friends
best friend
child hood friends
what is a friend

2- بعد كده اختار موضوع من الى كتبتهم واعمل برده list عن الكلمات الى ليها علاقه بيها .. نفترض انك اخترت What is a Friend .. ممكن تكون الافكار المتعلقه هى:
have fun with
hang out with
play sports with
share secrets
can trust
can depend on
ask advice
help each other
3- كل عباره ممكن تستخدمها ك controlling idea .. مثال:
A friend is a person you have fun with.
A friend is someone you can trust.
A friend is a person who enjoys the same activities.

تدريب 1:
حدد اذا كانت الجمل دى too specific, too general, or good
1. It is estimated that 20 percent of Japanese marriages are arranged.
2. In Japan, there are two types of marriage.
3. Digital cameras have several advantages over film cameras.
4. Digital cameras take photos.
5. Digital photos are composed of small squares, just like a tiled kitchen floor or bathroom wall.
6. Learning the meanings of abbreviations used in the field of technology is like learning a new language.

تدريب 2:
باستخدام ال listing technique اكتب topic sentences للموضوعات دى:
1- ways to meet people in a new place
2- kinds of video games I television programs I movies you enjoy
3- advantages of being bilingual
4- advantages of growing up in a small town