DressAfford one shoulder pieces for bridesmaid

Last week was WinterFest 2018 for Buchanan High School. All week long they celebrated with theme days. Then, last night, the final celebration of WinterFest was a grand ball held at SMC-Niles Campus. The girls and guys were dressed to the “T” and so much excitement was spent on the dance floor. For our Seniors, it was a night of mixed emotions. They are such a tight mixed group of kids that for the most part, spent the last 12 yrs together. They support each other with love & kindness, have built a trust to last a lifetime, and since their days in Elementary Schools know the meaning of Buchanan P.R.I.D.E. So as songs were played, tears from laughter and tears of sadness flowed. Their HS days are numbered. DressAfford one shoulder pieces for bridesmaid
We are so proud of these kids! Our home was one of the lucky ones chosen to be the gathering place for after the dance. I’ll always remember the smiles, laughter and stories they couldn’t wait to talk about as they gathered in our basement. I’m really going to miss this group next year. Love you all, (Kevin’s Mom)