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2018 is going to be an amazing year ! I hope it’s amazing for you as well.

When I did the vision board class in December with my Nafe sisters and I also
made my own board. One of the things I added on my board were the words Power Partnerships and since January
My phone has been ringing with wonderful opportunities for Power Partnerships not only for me but that My Nafe and Naffe members can also Be a part of.

This morning found an email
Message from my friend Cydney O’Sullivan in Australia asking me to co-host with her the event she is doing March 2 & 3rd in LA she will be flying in From Australia to do the event

And then another long time friend Aggie Kobrin Ceo of CEC Global events called me yesterday and offered me a great opportunity to use some space free at a big event she is doing at a big hotel at LA Lax in
May so NAFFE my new 501 c3 non
Profit is going to use the space she is giving us to do some training events one will be the very talented Pamela Moffat doing a hands on branding workshop she is also one of my Nafe Members and a board member of the new non profit . Aggie also hired me to do a project for her for her big space conference in May, I did some projects for her last year as well.

So i am thinking about what other trainings we could do for the other days we have the space as we have so many talented Nafe Members . Thinking about A panel with some of the very talented Veri Diva members who many are also Nafe Members, Mercy Noland, Ceo and founder of the Veri Divas will be sending me some ideas for me to see if it works for one of the panels she is excited about being a part of the event.

And putting my thoughts together of some other things that could be put together for the other days that we have the space as we have some amazing talented individuals in Nafe so keep posted as soon as it’s all together we will
Create a flyer

Also two weeks ago got a call from
Marie Waite the producer and sponsor of the Fire Up seminar inviting Nafe and Naffe to be part of the Fire Up Seminar in Excondido
It’s going to be a wonderful event and we are thrilled to be one of the partners for this event

One of the Riverside Nafe Members Barbara Berg will be one of the speakers there and also will do a panel presentation other dynamic presenters are also a part of this exciting day March 22nd at the Crystal Ridge ballroom at the Lexus dealership in
Escondido tickets for the day including lunch is $49.00 And they will sell out fast still some speaking opportunities so go to fireup seminars and check out all the fantastic opportunities,

Vision boards are so powerful seems like every year that I do one the things on
My board come true even though at the time I
do it I have no idea anything will
Come true and here it is February and already many things on the board are already happening

Another opportunity from Dawn Schultz the
Exec director of Operation Prom
Girl who asked me to come in and do
A mini vision board class for the girls March
24th when all the girls come in to get their free prom dresses excited about working with the young girls .

Also excited about speaking in San Antonio
Texas airfare and hotel reservations all made for San Antonio Texas I will be speaking wed May 9th for Nafe San Antonio

Sheila Caruso Menifee Nafe Member got her plane reservations so she could go with me as she has never been to San Antonio flying on
May 7th speaking the 9th and
Returning the 11th making a little mini vacation out of it

I have been to San Antonio many times when I use to live in Houston it was my favorite place to visit so excited about going back, love Riverwalk

Tiffany Tremont the director of Nafe San Antonio invited any of our Nafe sisters to join us for the May event all air flights
to San Antonio are cheap so come and join us

Tiffany Tremont is a terrific business woman as well in addition to running Nafe San Antonio she runs a very successful company So excited about speaking and meeting all my Nafe sisters in Texas .

Sure glad I got well from that flu sickness so I can do all these exciting things

Also tomorrow night going to the charity for charity event at Pechanga I am honored to be one of the award nominees for one of the catagories no one will know who won until
tomorrow as it’s based on who got the highest votes in each category.i want to thank everyone who took Time to vote for me and also thank Gillian Larson Ceo/founder of Reality Rally and a over 30 year friend and Raven Hilden Nafe Member snd ceo/founder of the Valley Resource Center for nominating me. Ravens Valley Resource Center which is a non profit that does a lot for the military is also a nominee in another category there are 8 category and the one with the most votes in each category wins I am just honored to be a nominee as all the nominees are doing amazing work Dress Affordable pink color wedding bridal selections

It’s a formal event at Pechanga and looking forward to Meeting all the people I do
Not know yet and reconnecting with the ones I do know then Feb 11th I will be at the Multicultural motion Picture assn Diamond Rose Lady in Red awards in Beverly Hills I am excited to be one of the Honorees this year and excited to dress up in my red gown and show up

Life is good and I am so blessed as I have all
Of you in my life

Heading to bed as it’s almost 1 am and I will be at the Riverside women’s club heart event luncheon tomorrow and then come home and get ready for the Event at Pechanga