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40 Bengeo Street was built in 1863 probably by the Sheffield family we have mentioned before, nothing to do with the chemist, as a public house and traded as “The Eagle”.The whole group inc. the public house and two pairs of cottages in Trinity Grove were for sale together in 1892. It would seem likely that they were all owned by the same person who was selling them.The Eagle was let to A P and O H McMullen for £40 per annum. This seems to have been the double property inc. the attached residence.It was purchased by McMullens in 1909 but closed 10 years later when the licence was "extinguished* however McMullens continued to own it until 1966.In 1936 it was Eric Playle, GreengrocersBy 1939 until the 1950s it was a shoe repairers run by Mr Owen Head who had moved from near The Globe, he later lived in Parker Avenue.1960s and 70s Sheila’s Wool shop.1980s for a short while it became a video shop.1983-1998 it was “Buttons and Bows” wedding dress shop.It is now a private residence 1960s wedding dresses "The term used for surrendering a licence for premises by paying Government compensation. Photo Baden Browne and Hertford Museum